Human Capital Performance

High performing companies tend to get where they are 'by choice and not by chance'. Their deliberate success is a result of creating and maintaining a high performance culture that encompasses all activities within the organisation.

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Most organisations have some form of 'performance system', however simply 'measuring' performance by means of attributing a rating is very different from 'managing' performance. According to a recent study (The Economist Feb 2016), 9 out of 10 companies around the world continue to generate annual performance scores for employees and link these scores to compensation, despite the fact that ' managers and staff alike too often view performance management as time consuming, excessively subjective, demotivating, and ultimately unhelpful. It may even undermine their performance as they struggle with ratings, worry about compensation, and try to make sense of feedback. (McKinsey Quarterly, May 2016). If this sounds like your performance system, or if you are currently seeking to revise your human captal performance metrics, then Matheran can help

We have been assisting clients for many years with designing and implementing progressive technology based performance management programmes that motivate and empower employees and help create 'high performing organisations'. We do not offer 'products', instead, we develop bespoke solutions that work best for the human capital demographic of your organisation and our emphasis is typically in the application of continuous feedback, development, coaching and competency based multidimensional data gathering.

succession planning