Executive Succession Planning & Capability Building

Talent Management is 'not only' an HR issue. In fact CEO's rank talent as their most important challenge behind business growth (The Conference Board CEO Challenge) and without talent, there is no business growth. Talent drives business performance and it is therefore essential that talent is identified, developed and realised to its full potential.

succession planning

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It is estimated that less than one third of 'high performers' are 'high potential' and typically 25% of high performers plan to leave their jobs within a 12 month window unless retained (Corporate Leadership Council Survey). It is therefore imperative that businesses adopt and maintain a rigorous programme of talent management, high potential identification, high potential development and ultimately enterprise wide succession planning. At 'C level, one of the most important responsibilities vested in any Board or Management Committee is to ensure business continuity and shareholder value by the seamless succession of the CEO and the mangement team. At Matheran, we have developed a proven methodology for assisting clients in doing just that and we would be pleased to demonstrate how we can help your business ensure your talent pipeline is actively managed and aligned with your business growth strategy.